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Medical Grade Skin Care

Health and MedSpa

Medical Spa located in Oldsmar, FL

At Health and Medspa we offer Image MD Skincare. Image Skincare innovations include cutting-edge products and treatment protocols that support your skin health. Image Skincare takes pride in developing exceptional skincare solutions that harness the best in skin health science based on proprietary technologies, unique delivery systems, bioengineered complexes and advanced, medical-grade formulations. Image MD is a complete skincare regimen designed to boost regular skin care protocol with medical grade science and technology. Ingredients like Retinol, Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C make the Image MD line a perfect choice for the long-term treatment of aging skin and hyperpigmentation.


What does medical grade mean?

Medical grade means they are available from establishments that operate under a physician's license, meaning there must be a medical director for the retailer to sell these products. Don't be fooled by photos of doctors or the even by the fact that physicians developed a line. That alone does not make it medical grade. Medical grade skincare products contain higher concentrations of active ingredients than what you can buy over the counter. These products use prescription-strength ingredients to promote your overall skin health while helping you look and feel your best. 

About Image MD Skin care:

The Image Skincare MD line of professional grade skincare products utilizes powerful and proven ingredient blends to encourage multi-layer skin repair, rejuvenation and long term skin health. It’s the ultimate in Image Skincare’s anti-aging, lightening and brightening formulations. With consistent use, benefits include dramatically improved skin resiliency, tone and overall appearance. Image MD formulations utilize the most advanced ingredients available. The boosted level of potency provides you with results that can be clearly seen and felt. Fighting the signs of aging, Image MD products visibly firm skin while working to effectively lighten unwanted skin discolorations. It works additionally to protect you from environmentally caused skin damage and natural imbalances, encouraging consistent skin health. The real beauty of the Image MD line is that you get high-level results, without a prescription, yet the products are still safe for at-home use.